Locinox Mammoth-180

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Hydraulic 180° gate closer and hinge in one

Hydraulic swing gate closer and bearing hinge in one. An elegantly designed self-closing hinge that opens smoothly and closes consistently gates up to 330 lbs and this regardless of the outside temperatures (patented system). Force, closing speed and closing action (snap shut) are all individually adjustable according to your needs. Probably the best self-closing hinge on the market!

Mammoth-180 in action

  • Self-closing hinge with patented hydraulic damping
  • Includes Mammoth180 closer and Dino bearing hinge for bottom
  • Adjustable closing speed & closing pressure
  • Easy mounting with Quick-Fix
  • Adjustable free run for perfect closing (final snap)
  • For left and right opening gates
  • Opening angle: 180°
  • Powder Coated aluminum casing
  • Double stainless steel bearing
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment (3/4″)
  • For gates up to 330 lbs. (max. 48″ wide)
  • Easy to open, conforms to all regulations regarding max allowed forces to open gates, ADA compliant, 4 lb. opening force
  • Ideal in combination with magnetic and mechanical locks
  • Bottom Dino hinge included
  • Especially designed for exterior use: rain & frost-proof
  • Self-closing unit complies with pool gate legislation restrictions
  • Aesthetic design
  • Burglar proof and anti-theft
  • Closing speed unaffected by temperature changes
  • Measurements: Mammoth180 – 15-3/4″ high x 2″ round, Dino – 4-11/32″ high x 2″ round



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