ADA Requirements for Ramps

ADA Requirements for Ramps Located at 405 Ramps 405.1 General.  Ramps on accessible routes shall comply with 405. EXCEPTION: In assembly areas, aisle ramps adjacent to seating and not serving elements required to be on an accessible route shall not be required to comply with 405. 405.2 Slope.  Ramp … Continue readingADA Requirements for Ramps

ADA Requirements for Handrails

505 Handrails Located at 505.1 General.  Handrails provided along walking surfaces complying with 403, required at ramps complying with 405, and required at stairs complying with 504 shall comply with 505. Advisory 505.1 General.  Handrails are required on ramp runs with a rise greater than … Continue readingADA Requirements for Handrails

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