Shutters and Awnings

 Bahama Shutters

For centuries Bahama shutters have been used in the Caribbean for protection from the intense heat of the sun. Tropically-inspired, these shutters are hinged on the top, rather than the sides. They consist of one louvered panel held out at an angle from the bottom. Bahama shutters look great on most seaside homes, regardless of architectural style. Now you can benefit from this uniquely designed shutter.
According to legend the push-out type of shutter was first used in Venice, Italy as protection from the sun. The design of this shutter was so effective that it has been used universally for shelter from sun.

Today bahama shutters are seen on cabanas, gazebos, and verandas as well as the south facing windows of the home.

The unique design of the bahama shutter is quite effective in it’s function. While protecting from the direct rays of the sun it also provides privacy from the neighbors and allows a cool breeze from outdoors.