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Altis at Shingle Creek is an upscale apartment complex on Osceola Parkway.   Pavilion Arbor with Polycarbonate Roof From concept to completion  Barfield was part of the process. SketchUp Model Created by Barfield to Convey Concept to Developer Fabrication and Installation Other Scopes and Structures  

Altis at Shingle Creek

Maitland Station Apartments located in Maitland FL is one of our newer projects.   Louver Roof Sections Fabrication These roof structures were one of our more complex portions of this project. We first created a 3 dimensional model of the structure to see how best to build it.  Once we […]

Maitland Station – Maitland FL

Broadstone Passerelle Broadstone Passerelle is a luxury apartment community where we had the pleasure of fabricating and installing the Architectural Decorative Metals and the Hardscape Metals. It was the kind of job we love with many visually striking components. Architectural The color scheme on these apartments really made our aluminum […]

Broadstone Passerelle – Altamonte Springs

ADA Requirements for Ramps Located at 405 Ramps 405.1 General.  Ramps on accessible routes shall comply with 405. EXCEPTION: In assembly areas, aisle ramps adjacent to seating and not serving elements required to be on an accessible route shall not be required to comply with 405. 405.2 Slope.  Ramp runs shall have a running […]

ADA Requirements for Ramps

ADA Requirements for Doors, Doorways, and Gates Located at 404 Doors, Doorways, and Gates 404.1 General.  Doors, doorways, and gates that are part of an accessible route shall comply with 404. EXCEPTION:  Doors, doorways, and gates designed to be operated only by security personnel shall not be required to comply with 404.2.7, […]

ADA Requirements for Doors, Doorways, and Gates

FORTYLOCK Mortise lock with 3/4″ backset for profiles of 1-1/2″ Patent pending Mortise lock with 100% stainless steel mechanism. The stainless steel and adjustable self-latching bolt combined with the right keep guarantee a strong and solid closed gate where the gate wings can not be pulled apart or forced open. […]